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And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

You’ve made it to our first blog!

Let me start by introducing Esper Inbound to you -- We’re an agency dream team based out of Orange County, CA (Irvine, to be exact). Our team is made up of talented Marketers, Designers and Developers. We create and manage digital sales funnels from start to finish with the use of PPC marketing and landing page design.

What This Blog Offers 📚

We want this blog to be your source of cutting edge PPC / CRO strategies, news, and guides. We’ll be covering things like The 5 Biggest PPC Marketing Mistakes in 2019 and 26 Essential PPC & CRO Marketing Tools!

We also want this blog to give you the opportunity to look behind the agency curtain. There will be a lot to learn as we grow!

Our Brand Origin Story 🔮

We wanted to create a brand that stood out against the plethora of other agencies around. When first deciding on our direction, my Co-Founder Ryan and I knew we didn’t want to settle on something PPC related in the name.

Our name idea stemmed from a client testimonial I had received in the past, claiming that I had “Extra Sensory Perception” - (ESP) with my marketing tactics. I had never heard the term before, but after looking it up I had a good laugh. ESP is essentially the fancy term for psychic abilities.

So we came up with brand name that tells a story and had an immediate tag-line!

PPC Marketing with a Sixth Sense…

After working with us you'll understand...

Esper Inbound was founded as a way to use our sixth sense to make your business more money!

Our Achievements So Far 🏆

Esper officially opened shop about 11 months ago, and in that short time we’ve hit a ton of milestones!

Within our first month of operations, before even having our first website up - we were able to close 2 local clients.

Ryan and I with the check from our first client (Featuring Our Agency Mascot Mia)

The first company we closed was Real Building Company, and they are still a client of ours today. They do commercial and residential construction projects all around Southern California. In fact, they have grown from just a handful of employees to a team of 14 over the past year with the help of our PPC efforts.

Here's one of their brand new vans (This is when you say, "Neat!")

The performance we put up for our first few clients quickly landed us a lot of referral business. In fact, about 40% of our clientbase comes from current client referrals and our retention rate is over 90%!

We also have a bunch of case studies to show for it. Check them out here.

It even led to us starting up a referral partnership program which you can sign up for here.

By the time summer was coming to an end, we surpassed $20k in MRR and were right on target with our growth projections! And this particular milestone meant something big… Because until this point, we were working from home offices / shared office spaces.

At the end of August, the Esper team decided it was time for our first official office!

**Office Theme Plays**

In addition to moving into an office, we’ve done a ton of other cool stuff, like take our first business trip to visit a client in Atlanta for Fabtech 2018. We saw some awesome tech and got up to speed on the latest in automated manufacturing and fabrication.

And Ryan modeled for Bird too...

Esper Inbound was also invited to be founding members of “Coded In Orange County”, which is a collective of tech companies that code their solutions here in Orange County, CA.

In addition to all the fun business stuff, our team takes pride in helping our future generation of marketers prepare for their careers. I’ve personally given presentations to hundreds of business students at CSUF about my story and starting a PPC career. I also personally mentor a handful of senior students each year and set up an internship program through Center for Internships & Community Engagement (CICE).

November 2018 at the CSUF Mihaylo School of Business

What Makes Us Different - Our Approach To Growing Business 📈

A little about how we run our agency -- We view ourselves as part of your team. We create a custom game plan for each company we work with. Our process starts with a free audit before we even draft up a proposal. This stage is absolutely crucial for establishing transparency and validation of the investment into PPC from the get go. - Sign Up For A Free Audit Here

Did you just say "transparency"? You Bet Your Ad Budget I Did.

Our ultimate mission is to integrate into your company’s marketing division, understand your goals and then build profitable campaigns and stunning landing pages to help you achieve them.

We commit to weekly meetings with our clients so nothing slips through the cracks. This way there’s constant insight on our progress and accountability on both sides.

We firmly believe that you should own your ad accounts, as well as the ads and landing pages that we build for you. Should you choose to go a different direction, we hand off everything we’ve designed/created for you. This policy circles around again to doing what’s best for our clients.

At the end of the day, transparency is the most important part of hiring an agency. How can you be successful if you don’t know what’s going on?

We take passion in generating tangible results while keeping you informed along the way!

Now a little bit about The Co-Founders 👔

Jon Maher, Co-Founder and CEO

My name is Jon and I’ve been a Digital Marketer for nearly 5 years now. I have helped hundreds of brands generate results by combining pay per click advertising with conversion focused design (and a sprinkle of sales expertise).

I graduated from California State University Fullerton and received my B.A. with an emphasis in Marketing.

Marketing and I go wayyy back (I'm on the right)

My experience was gained at top digital marketing agencies and freelancing for businesses all over the world.

Because seeing growth is my favorite part of business, I found myself working within start-up companies at the beginning of my career. I was an early hire at KlientBoost, where we grew from $100k MRR to $500k MRR explosively over the course of 2 years.

I’ve developed successful paid media campaigns for small to medium businesses (SMBs) and Enterprise clients in both the e-commerce and lead generation space, spanning 20+ different industries. I’ve also directly managed millions of dollars in ad spend over the course of my career.

Ryan takes the mic

Ryan Hawkins, Co-Founder and President

And this is me, Ryan Hawkins. Like Jon, I also received a B.A. with an emphasis in Marketing from CSUF. My career started in entry sales at a commercial bank generating leads for equipment leases and loans for medium & large sized businesses. Over the course of eight years at the bank, I worked my way up to Vice President- Commercial Finance Division. As VP, I managed a team that generated over $100 million in awarded business. My responsibilities included financial reviews, transaction structuring, contract negotiation, the hiring and training of Account Executives, and high level client relationship management. Super fun stuff!

So why did I decide quit a secure position to start Esper Inbound in a completely different industry with Jon?  Unlike banking, Esper Inbound provides a service that I 100% believe will benefit our customers. It’s that simple.

I also want to thank past and present members of our team that have helped get us to where we are today. Thank you Shane, James, and Anette! I really appreciate all of your hard work and look forward to watching you grow with the company! Fun times ahead.

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